Bad religion - new maps of hell

When a party has a map like this one, they often lose seats. In 2014, Democrats were defending a number of seats in such strongly Republican states as Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, West Virginia and Arkansas while dealing with challenges in swing states Virginia and North Carolina. Republicans swept all of those seats except for Virginia. In 2004, Democrats had to defend red states Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Arkansas and both Dakotas. Republicans ended up taking four of those seven and netting a total of four seats that year. The 1994 and 2010 Senate maps were also challenging for Democrats, and they ended up losing seats.

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Silicon Valley, then, is no anomaly, but rather the most recent and most vivid manifestation of our dissatisfaction with our own humanity. Some of its most popular products—Facebook, Twitter, other social networking sites—can function like secularized congregations. Some of its innovations—like Soylent, a powdered substance that is meant to replace regular food—imply some basic inadequacy with the human condition, as if we can improve ourselves by behaving less like people and more like the robots of Levandowski’s dreams.

We spoke to Deborah Rubbens, the co-ordinator of the EuroNGOs network, about promoting SRHR in this new political context and how the EuroNGOs network is rising to the challenge.

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As they stand, the new maps easily could give Republicans what they want, according to the past election data that the mapmakers used to redraw the districts.

Places could also acquire a divine connection; the great oracles such as that of Apollo at Delphi and Zeus at Dodona may well have begun as places considered particularly good to receive signs from the gods. Such places became hugely important centres with their priest oracles consulted by both individuals and city-states so that the rather vague and ambiguous proclamations might help guide their future conduct.     

Bad Religion - New Maps Of HellBad Religion - New Maps Of HellBad Religion - New Maps Of HellBad Religion - New Maps Of Hell